favourite tracks of january.2024

some of our favourite music of the month, in no particular order:

geia - "sweet"

kabeaushé - "potassium"

lambrini girls - "boys in the band"

senseless optimism - "it's you"

lgbt thoughts - "m79"

marina herlop - "la alhambra"

kim gordon - "bye bye"

33emybw - "blood child"

makthaverskan - "comfort"

max diaz - "connie"

yves tumor - "fear evil like fire"

wisp - "see you soon"

yuètù - "muse"

cristale - "antisocial"

troth - "flora"

tiffany - "period"

shortstraw. - "sods law"

yeule - "dazies"

essosa - "waste my time"

kali malone - "passage through the spheres"

tinashe - "talk to me nice"

danny brown - "jenn's terrific vacation"

interweaving threads - a conversation between jazmina barrera and micaela brinsley for la piccioletta barca [link]

"a conversation on embroidery, collaboration, the creative process and freedom."
link at the photo.

a playlist for february.2024

the songs that will soundtrack our february, in no particular order:

burial - "boy sent from above"

rest symbol - "6"

chrisman ft. aunty rayzor - "idan"

bar italia - "nurse!"

nour - "مش حقيقة"

aus - "der schöne schein"

montañera - "a flor de piel"

june mcdoom - "black is the colour of my true love's hair"

the crying nudes - "new york mystic pretty"

eliza - "straight talker"

jaimie branch - "take over the world"

sote - "river of pain"

joe armon-jones + maxwell owin ft. lex armor - "grief"

fatima al qadiri - "mojik (your waves)"

laila sakini - "the light that flickers in the mirror"

astrid sonne - "staying here"

marina zispin - "surprise party"

irreversible entanglements - "our land back"

a.s.o. - "my baby's got it out for me"

niecy blues - "the nite b4"

hysterical love project - "your laugh as my ringtone"

maria bc - "still"

rainy miller + space afrika ft. mica levi - "maybe it's time to lay down the arms"

mu tate ft. igor dyachenko + mathilde - "they're with you always"

hoodie x james k - "scorpio"

pioneering women of UK jungle (playlist)

a brief playlist featuring some of the women who pioneered the UK 'jungle' movement and sound of the early 90s, in their productions (whether solo or in a duo):

flynn + flora - "dream of you"

dj tamsin + the monk - "a better place"

kemistry + storm - "signature"

harmony + xtreme - "x-amount"

eternal bass - "infinity"

dj fallout - "love me"

wishdokta + eternal bass - "eternal expression"

helen t - "give a little"

dj rap - "mad up"

the rood project - "thunder"

jo - "imagine the future"

faithless - 'reverence' (tamsin's re-fix)

a haunted place - a review of 'white nights' by urszula honek (tr. kate webster), for litro magazine, by jennifer brough [link]

"...akin to reading an account of a haunted place – one that is beautiful and devastating in equal measure."
link at the photo.

a dark fairytale - a review of 'milk teeth' by helene bukowski (tr. jen calleja), for epigram newspaper (bristol), by grace sandall [link]

"Milk teeth — those semi-precious things we grow and lose. They speak to the novel’s probing into youth, with characters on the threshold of new territories, hostile worlds and things left unsaid."
link at the photo.

sea, swallow me - review of 'milk teeth' by helene bukowski (tr. jen calleja), for era journal (ucl), by annika thorborg [link]

"...a captivating tale exploring the themes of boundaries, motherhood, and immigration in a world unnervingly similar to our own."
link at the photo.

a playlist for march.2024

feels like this might be our busiest month, so far, which means that we are desperately in need of a good playlist:

sheherazaad - "mashoor"

jlin - "sweet"

jasmine wood - "vii"

nour - "wana"

yirinda - "galangoor baya (welcome)"

mui zyu - "talk to death"

księżyc - "kołysanka"

eliza - "dripping"

robber robber - "sea or war"

julie - "flutter"

ml buch - "well bucket"

loraine james - "while they were singing"

wisp - "once then we'll be free"

dog race - "it's the squeeze"

noname - "potentially the interlude"

lao - "guasón"

alfa mist feat. kaya thomas-dyke - "aged eyes"

dip friso feat. jess hk - "i'll get to hiding"

laetitia sadler - "new moon"

daniela lalita - "no para"

bridget ferrill + áslaug magnúsdóttir - "eternal liquid sad"

moor mother feat. alya al-sultani - "all the money"

hatis noit - "jomon"

space afrika feat. hforspirit - "honest labour"

laura masotto - "skin"

erika de casier - "the princess"

james blake - "fall back"

nailah hunter - "lovegaze"

slowfoam - "sporadic dawning"

sam akpro - "death by entertainment"

nathalie joachim - "ki moun ou ye"

dali de saint paul + maxwell sterling - "5"

international booker prize 2024 - a q&a with urszula honek and kate webster, author and translator of 'white nights' [link]

"with white nights longlisted for the international booker prize 2024, we spoke to its author and translator about their experience of working together — and their favourite books"
link at the photo.